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An established global E-commerce retailer, Newyearsvalue specializes in State-of-the-Art products through a network of North American, European & Asian distribution centers.

Our products are designed in-house or sourced through a wide variety of approved partnership businesses from various locations around the globe.

We recognize every customers needs are different which is why we strive to deliver a wide range of quality products in our catalogue, we are sure you'll find something you love! 



Our dedicated support staff are awaiting your inquiries and strive to help you on every step of your experience at Newyearsvalue Store.  

Contact us via our form, or alternatively email us at:


Our support team works tirelessly to help thousands of customers such as yourself and will ensure to get back to you at the earliest time for your convenience.

Happy Shopping!

— Newyearsvalue Management

  • Paseo de La Castellana 26, 28001. Madrid, Spain.
  • 11923 NE Sumner St, STE 832943. Portland, Oregon, 97220, USA.
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